This homepage is a virtual chronicle of the Analytic Beer seminar, which came into existence in the Fall 1986 as a direct continuation of activities of the amateur theater group "Lipany" (1983-1985), whose members, Jirka Hrdina, Ales Nekvinda, Lubos Pick, Mirko Rokyta and Honza Rehacek, form the primary audience of the seminar. The purpose for establishing this seminar was two-fold: to provide a vent for mathematical interests of its members and to serve as a pretext for informal gatherings. The main source for this page is the legendary "Analytic Beer Notebook" that was lost in early 90s and found again in 1995.

A standard format of the seminar, which is almost always held in a given pub, is the following: at the beginning, the designated chairman gives a lecture that is sometimes followed by co-lectures and a discussion. As the beer count increases, the discussion becomes less and less profound and consequently more and more understandable to a general public, ending usually in a mere chat or, on occasion, in unintelligible babble. In this English rendering of the "AB Chronicles", we present a list of all the seminars (in the format: seminar - date - motto ), plus a list of supplements with links to their images. More detailed information about the seminar can be found on the

Analytic Beer MAIN PAGE (this page is in Czech!)

Warning: Before you enter the main page, count to ten. If you can't, don't enter, since the proceedings contain numerous mathematical expressions that may be hazardous to your mental well-being.

members' addresses (participation in the seminar 8+116)
Jirka Hrdina 8+87 homepage
Ales Nekvinda 5+90 -
Lubos Pick 7+101 homepage
Mirko Rokyta 6+101 homepage
Jan Rehacek 8+106 homepage



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