logo VI. Relocated Analytic Beer

Motto: We fear no beer
Place and time: Minneapolis, MN, USA, 13.-15.6.1997

Chairman: Honza Rehacek (by definition), since he was the only one to talk math
Attendance: Jiri Hrdina
Mirko Rokyta
Guests: -

Abstract program:

  1. Fermat's Last Theorem and Modular Groups.
  2. Selected parts of quantum mechanics

Detailed program:

 13.6.  22:15     Meeting at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport,
                  renting a car of an extraordinarily violet color,
                  departure to downtown and then coming back to the 
                  airport, after realizing that our motel was much 
                  closer than we thought.
        23:00     Finding an accomodation in Aqua City Motel, Lyndale Av.
                  (JR, JH) in a well-smoked room with TV without a remote.
                  Second departure to downtown and further into campus,
                  hotel Radisson, Washington Av. SE (MR)
        23:50     Trying to get some dinner
 14.6.   0:15     Ordering pizza at Domino's                  
         0:25     Consuming pizza in MR's room with coffee and water
                  Preseminar: Generalization of the FLT (JR).
         1:10     Analytic Beer adjourns
         1:45     Finding the Aqua City Motel (JH, JR) after getting lost
                  in Downtown.
         9:15     Getting MR from the hotel, departure to north (by I35)
        11:00     Visiting Beroun, MN; a friendly chat with a bartender
                  Frank Luedtke in Luedtke's Liquor Store (Red Dog Beer);
                  finding Father Gaber, who turned out to be from Slovenia,
                  rather than from CZ as we were promised in Liquor Store.
        13:00     Arrival to the west bank of "Mille Lacs Lake".
        13:30     Having pizza at Isle, MN; MR lucked out on the last slice    
                  Buying 3 T-shirts with "I fear no beer".
        14:00     Trying to find a suitable beech for swimming
        15:00     Walking in the lake (it was too shallow to swim in it)
        20:00     Return to the Twin Cities, looking for a suitable pub.   
        21:00     A dinner in a Chinese "laundromat" in Dinky Town 
                           (probably the worst restaurant in town)
                                 a) Kungpao triple.
                                 b) Secchuan chicken.
                                 c) General tso's chicken.
        21:30     A campus tour, graduation ceremony, covered bridge over
                  Mississippi, finding CZ and SK flag plus an AB symbol
                  amongst numerous graffitti in the covered part of the bridge.
        22:15     A beer in "Annie's Parlour" (program:)
                               a) 3x Rolling Rock (yuck!), 1x Budweiser,
                                  1x Miller Life, 1x coffee
                               b) Quantum mechanics, localization of electron
                                  in silicon, Feynman's Path Integral (JR)
         0:00     Let's call it a day.
 15.6.  10:00     Meeting MR at the hotel, departure south in heavy rain
        11:15     New Prague, MN; rain miraculously stops; brunch in "Hardee's"
                  with Czech signs, meeting a countryman Jouza Ziskovsky;
        11:45     Discovery of the Czech flag, meeting countrywomen  
                  Marcela Catalonova, Maruska Kajerova
                        (the one who has to sit down when too excited).
        12:30     Downtown New Prague, St. Wenceslaus church, kolackys,
                        kobliha, New Prague Firemen, The New Prague
                        Times, Schumacher's hotel, buying some gifts and 
                        postcards, return to MSP in a renewed T-storm. 
        15:00     The Mall fo America, late lunch, back to the airport
        17:00     Loitering in the airport, unsuccessful
                                       attempt to find videogames
        19:00     One at the end; AB dissolved               

Pearls of the seminar:
  1. It's quite easy, if we worked on it for 2 hours we'd get it (JR)
  2. The car looks like a photo with screwed up developing (MR)
  3. We look like 6 bears with an onion, except there is three of us, we are not bears and we don't have the onion (JR)
  4. Shall we take this turn? (JR) ... Why not. (MR 200m after the turn)
  5. Well. (MR, after finishing his pizza and knowing that he is not entitled to the last slice)
  6. It's quite empty here. I miss the people who'd leave once we began (JH)
Problems: -
Promile Award:
A nomination to all participants for relatively smooth digestion of the Chinese dinner. The proposer suggested in the morning, that whoever came up with that pub should receive an Antiaward for thwarting the AB proceedings.

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