APi in St Louis

A dinner at Jindra's house (Honza, David, Jindra, George).

A breakfast at St Louis Bread Company.

At a fountain in the municipal park (David, Lubos, Honza).

A curious post showing that in Missouri you can go in three different directions at any given time, rendering Missouri a truly quantum state.

Standing at the top of waterfalls.

A bottom of the same waterfalls.

At a sign near the Taum Sauk park entrance.

Black River.

Sunbathing at the Black River.

Wading in the Black River.

A dinner in Saint Louis.

Lubos in downtown St Louis.

Honza at the Mississippi River embankment.

Lubos at the Arch.

Honza in downtown St Louis.

Honza in St Louis City Museum.

Honza riding a slide.