logo III. Relocated Analytic Beer

Motto: I am a plowman and I am plowing here
Place and time: Snezna, 31.3.-2.4.1989

Attendance: Jiri Hrdina
Ales Nekvinda
Lubos Pick
Mirko Rokyta
Jan Rehacek

Main talks (28.2.):

  1. J.Hrdina: Approximation of function by a finite Fourier sum
  2. A.Nekvinda: An elementary proof of the Rademacher Theorem
  3. L.Pick: Hardy inequalities in weighted spaces of the exponential type
  4. M.Rokyta: Integration of function with values in TLS
  5. J. Rehacek: Spectrum of the shift operator

Pearls of the seminar: -
Problems: A,B: H -> H, H Hilbert space over C, A compact linear, B linear and 0 <= (Bx,x) <= (Ax,x) for all x in H. Does that imply that B is compact?
Awards/Remarks: -

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