106th Analytic Beer

Motto: A beer with scraped ears
Time and place: 10.08.2013, restaurant Pivovarsky klub, Prague (3pm-5.30pm)

Chairman: -
Attendance: Ales Nekvinda, Lubos Pick, Honza Rehacek
Guests: -

Abstract program:

  1. A stronger (but possibly false) version of Fermat's Last Theorem (JR)
  2. Fractional derivatives (LP)
  3. A really involved (and convoluted) series (AN)

Concrete program:

Pearls of the seminar:
  • Even Salt Shaker Manual is better written than that paper.
  • Organize "Bring your kids to Analytic Beer" day next year.
  • Increase beer count by having one whenever JH gets to Prague.

This is a "math heavy" menu JR discovered in a pub "Na verande u Toulovce" in Vranice (near Nove Hrady and Litomysl)

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