104th Analytic Beer

Motto: How did that dirty mole get the panties?
Time and place: 12.08.2012, Restaurant Pivovarka, Pardubice (1pm-4pm)

Chairman: -
Attendance: Jiri Hrdina, Ales Nekvinda, Lubos Pick, Mirko Rokyta, Honza Rehacek
Guests: -

Abstract program:

  1. A short derivation of Euler's formula for sin(x) (MR)
  2. The problem of prime factorization and the tenth Heegner's number (LP)
  3. A variant of Fermat's Last Theorem $x^n+y^n=k z^3$ (for which there is a counterexample) (JR)

Concrete program:

Pearls of the seminar:
  • This is a comparatively nice murderer.
  • Better be an anonymous billionaire.
  • Carl's Prime Number Factory (Carl F. Gauss)
  • Fuck Tory all (n!)
  • The sum of the series $\binom{n}{0}+\binom{n}{3}+ \binom{n}{6}+ \cdots$ (MR, AN).
  • Show that $\sum_{k=0}^n \binom{3n}{3k} = \frac{8^n}{3} +2\frac{(-1)^n}{3}$. (MR)
Awards/Remarks: This beer was held in Pardubice (about 70 miles east of Prague)

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