logo V. Relocated Analytic Beer

Motto: What is murmuring here so sadly?
Place and time: St. Catharines & Toronto, Canada, 25.-27.10.1996

Chairman: Honza Rehacek, an exclusive chairman, since he had a talk at a blackboard.
Attendance: Lubos Pick, co-chairman
Jiri Hrdina, note-taker and transportation manager
Guests: -

Abstract program:

  1. Billiard dynamical systems in 3-D (J. Rehacek)
  2. Imbedding of Sobolev spaces, spaces of functions invariant with respect to rearrangement (L. Pick)
  3. Factorization of numbers of the form n^2+1, Fibonacci formula, Magic numbers (Jan Rehacek)

Concrete program:

25.10.  23:00           Meeting at the Buffalo airport (USA)             
        24:00           Crossing borders to Canada and visit to Niagara
                        (in shower mode)         

26.10.  1:00            Sneaking into the dorms of Brock Univ. (St.Catharines)
        3:00-9:00       Sleep 
        9:30-11:30      Seminar (billiard) + meeting of countryman Vrbik 
        11:30           Brunch                                 
        14:00-18:00     Sightseeing in Toronto (especially the tower) 
        18:00-23:00     Czech Pub U Vlasticky
                        Program: a) Tripe soup         
                                 b) Seminar (imbedding)
                                 c) Beer Radegast
                                 d) Fried Cheese (J.H.), gulash (J.R.) & smoked
                                    pork with potatoe dumplings (L.P.)
                                 e) Beer Nova Czech
                                 f) Seminar (problem)
                                 g) Apricot dumplings 
                                 h) Taking pictures with the staff    
                                    (especially with Vlasticka) 
                                 i) Becherovka
27.10.  0:30            Back to the dorm under a coat of fog and darkness
        2:00-10:00      Sleep  
        11:30           Visiting closed cafeteria 
        13:00           Visiting Niagara (J.H. + J.R.)
        13:30           Changing watches one hour back  
        13:00           Niagara visit continued         
        15:00           Analytic Beer adjourns  

Pearls of the seminar: -
Problems: Show that there is infinitely many prime numbers of the form n^2+1
Promile Award:
(honoris causa) to Vlasticka for a superb tripe soup
Silent Honor:
to Jirka's phenomenal memory of the proceedings

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