logo VII. Relocated Analytic Beer

Motto: Shoot, Stetinac, shoot!
Place and time: Lake Placid, NY, 19.-21.3.1999

Chairman: Honza Rehacek
Attendance: Jiri Hrdina
Lubos Pick
Guests: -

Distribution of functions

Abstract program:

  1. Polarization of light (JH)
  2. Some numerical results about the 3n+1 problem (JH, JR)
  3. Remark on the Logarithmic Fourier transform (JR)
  4. for functions f(x) = 1/x^t, the polar area is a constant multiple of the Cartesian area (JR)
  5. Change of coordinates in the definition of Euler Gamma constant (JR)
  6. Definition of a sequence of arithmetical operations, such that exponential function raises the operation, while the logarithm lowers it. If the n-th operation is denoted by {n} that means that
    exp(x {n} y) = exp(x) {n+1} exp(y)
    and similarly for log. (JR)

Detailed program:

 19.3.  07:49  Lubos's unsuccessful attempt to enter the USA from
                Canada (it was too early)
        08:10  a successful one (through the Rainbow Bridge station)
        08:15  Lubos embarks on a train to Buffalo-Utica-Albany.
        09:10  Jirka leaves Bayshore, NY by car and heads for Newark 
        09:45  Honza leaves Jackson, NJ
        11:05  Honza gets Jirka at the Newark airport and they set off on
                a trip to Albany to pick up Pick.
        11:20  H&J miss their turn from the turnpike and adopt the plan B
                (going via I80)
        11:30  H&J miss the turn onto I80 and adopt the plan C (take higway 4)
        11:35  H&J missing the exit again turn to the plan D 
                (going somehow north)
        11:45  NY Thruway (I87) finally reached
        14:10  after missing an exit to Rensselaer H&J make a big circle
                via I90 onto the Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station
        14:15  Lubos found in a leisurely discussion with a clerk, trying to
                persuade her that he didn't steal his own tickets.
        15:45  a little refreshment in a Burger King near Saratoga Sprs.;
                the place had pink-to-purple chairs, whose color reminded
                us of that disgusting car we rented in Minneapolis; we also
                got three paper crowns so we would look more like idiots
        17:00  leaving I87 (exit 30); it begins to snow
        17:30  arriving in Lake Placid
        17:45  Hotel St. Moritz (with non-trivial parking system) found 
        18:30  a little walk to a grocery store to get food
        19:40  on our way back we decided to take a look at Lake Placid;
                it seemed well frozen so we stepped on the ice from a pier
                and took a picture
        19:45  as Jirka was jumping back, the ice yielded and Jirka fell into
                the cold water (up to his waist); in Jirka's honor the nearby
                High Falls Gorge was renamed to High Falls George
        19:46  Jirka promptly rescued; Lubos even got hold of his sinking
                camera (another Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid)
        19:50  Jirka rushed home; after a hot shower, he joins us for a dinner
                that took place on his bed 
        21:00  the first session of the seminar in the hotel lounge with coffee

 20.3.  08:00  J&L descend to the lobby to take breakfast            
        09:30  a decision is made to go to Keene Valley for a hike that
               Lubos found in Ron's booklet
        11:00  arriving at a parking lot "Garden" (2.5 miles off route 73);
                choosing the trail to The Brothers
        11:30  first "brother" is reached after a moderately steep climb
        12:30  the second "brother" is reached; two little Czech flags
                are raised and filmed
        13:00  the third brother reached; lunch is taken
        13:30  we found a snowed in shortcut to the Lodge; Honza votes to
                take it, while Jirka and Lubos want to continue forward
        14:00  meeting some Greg who tells us we have 3 hours to get 
                to Johns Brook Lodge via Big Slide Mt.
        14:50  after a rather hurried march a foot of the Big Slide Mt. 
                is reached; the peak is so steep that we don't bother
                climbing it and take the downhill trail to the lodge
        15:05  riding part of the way on plastic bags 
        15:30  reaching the warming hut of the Lodge; talking to two
                volunteer caretakers who made us some tea and let us play
                with their 2 dogs (the beautiful husky Kishi and some mutt)
        15:40  filming the Johns Brook Lodge where we were originally supposed 
                to stay 
        16:05  thinking we are almost back on the parking lot; we learn that
                we have still 40 minutes to go 
        16:35  exhausted; we finally made it to the parking lot
        17:30  on our way back we stopped by at the Motor Inn "Prague" and 
                discovered that it is managed by the born American Charlie
                Lejcek, whose mother fled from Czechoslovakia in 1950;
                considering that Charlie visited CZ only twice he spoke
                nearly perfect Czech; his mother was quite entertaining
        18:20  arriving at the hotel; taking showers and resting
        19:45  the second part of the seminar in the lobby
        21:00  having dinner at the Greek restaurant "Mykonos";
                the "concrete program" consisted of a Greek wine and 
                coriander mushrooms with gyro (JR) and souvlaki (JH,LP)


 21.3.  08:20  Jirka reports feeling sick
        08:30  having a butter-free breakfast in the lobby (according to
                the manager "butter is all gone - it was a busy weekend")
        10:30  the check-out time
        11:00  leaving Lake Placid and driving to Utica via Saranac Lake,
                Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Otter Lake
                and Old Forge, where we made a stop and Jirka bought out
                the local pharmacy (figuratively)
        14:00  arriving to Utica; looking for the train station
        14:20  walking around the train station, trying to find a place to eat
        14:30  after finding only tons of sombre looking warehouses we drive
                to downtown
        14:40  Utica is dubbed "the cursed town" for the lack of exhibiting
                a reasonably enticing eatery
        15:00  finding Friendly's at the other end of the town (it's closed!)
        15:10  we broke the spell by leaving our car at Friendly's and walking
                one block down to the Palmer's grill where we got some pretty
                good hot sandwiches with fries and a soup for Jirka
        15:45  leaving Lubos in Utica, H&J head southeast along I90
        20:00  after a series of more or less random choices in the NY Metro 
                area H&J took the shortest route to the Newark's parking lot H 
                where, in the thick rain, the 7. Analytic Beer was dissolved

Pearls of the seminar:
  1. Today we are going to cover Hrdina's Embedding (JH referring to his "little accident", which in Czech stands for "submerging")
  2. The only place where I don't have any snow is in the pussy and that's only because I don't have one. (JR)
Problems: What is the set of linear combinations of functions exp(i*log(n)*x)?
Promilena Duchkova Award: to Jiri Hrdina for jumping into cold waters of Lake Placid in late March.
Pro Mile Award: to Ron Kerman for providing smooth maps
Promile Award: to whoever is in charge of local weather in the Lake Placid area for the impeccably blue skies on Saturday.
This was the first Analytic Beer captured on video.
The following two traditions were established:
Every North American Analytic Beer finds some American/Canadian of the Czech origin and every such Beer ends up with someone having a really sick stomach.

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