94th Analytic Beer

Motto: College, you moron, college he had
Time and place: 11.06.2007, "U Kazdu" restaurant, Prague 8, Krizikova (1.00pm)

Chairman: -
Attendance: Jirka Hrdina, Ales Nekvinda, Lubos Pick, Honza Rehacek, Mirko Rokyta
Guests: -

Abstract program:

  1. Puzzles and sudoku (J.H.+L.P.)
  2. Antiderivative of sin(x)/x is not an elementary function (M.R.+L.P.)
  3. Bistochastic matrix (J.R.)
  4. Some problems from chess and probability theory

Concrete program:

Pearls of the seminar: Miss Olemnis (Beethoven op. 123)
Unsolved Problems: -
Awards/Remarks: -
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