Rio Bio....of Jan Rehacek

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Basic information

This should be enough for an average web-surfer. If you are pathologically inquisitive, suffering from a compulsive curiosity or if you are the Number Five Still Alive, here is some more input for you. If you are on medication, however, you should consult your doctor whether to read on or not.

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My favorites

What/Who I also like

What/Who I don't like

What's the deal with Jan/Honza

Even though my passport calls me Jan, most people call me Honza. The relation Jan/Honza is the same as, for instance, William/Bill. Of all the possible explanations of the origin of this duality I heard so far, here is the most plausible one (but I can't guarantee that it is correct). The German equivalent of Jan is Johannes (as in Johannes Brahms) and that in German is shortened to Hans. On its way to the Czech language the name Hans was changed to (more Czech sounding) Honza.

Little artistic crimes I perpetrated

Besides this web-page and its various off-springs I also wrote some music, poetry and other literary misdemeanors:

My often neglected blog
A parody of a BMW manual
A fairy tale for twin grandparents

Photos from Puerto Rico
Photos from Norway
Photos from the Caribbean
Photos from the Rockies

Musical Top 25

Rock, Pop (or whatever you call it)

  1. The Album (Yes)
  2. Foxtrot (Genesis)
  3. Relayer (Yes)
  4. Selling England by the Pound (Genesis)
  5. Incantations (Oldfield)
  6. Close to the Edge (Yes)
  7. Fragile (Yes)
  8. Nursery Crime (Genesis)
  9. Going for the One (Yes)
  10. Tales from Topographic Oceans (Yes)
  11. QE2 (Oldfield)
  12. Tales of 1001 Nights (Renaissance)
  13. Trick of the Tail (Genesis)
  14. Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Wakeman)
  15. Ommadawn (Oldfield)
  16. And then there were three... (Genesis)
  17. Serious Hits...Live (Collins)
  18. Lamb lies down on Broadway (Genesis)
  19. Best of...(Kansas)
  20. ABWH (Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe)
  21. Tormato (Yes)
  22. Arrival (Abba)
  23. Tubular Bells (Oldfield)
  24. Stunt (Barenaked Ladies)
  25. Aqualung (Jethro Tull)


  1. Missa solemnis (Beethoven)
  2. Symphony Nr. 8 (Mahler)
  3. Symphony Nr. 9 (Mahler)
  4. Song of the Earth (Mahler)
  5. Quartett Op. 131 (Beethoven)
  6. Symphony Nr. 9 (Beethoven)
  7. Piano Sonata Op. 111 (Beethoven)
  8. Piano Sonata Op. 106 (Beethoven)
  9. Symphony Nr. 5 (Mahler)
  10. Quartett Op. 130 with Grosse Fuge (Beethoven)
  11. Symphony Nr. 6 (Mahler)
  12. Piano Sonata Op. 101 (Beethoven)
  13. Symphony Nr. 9 (Bruckner)
  14. Quartett Op. 132 (Beethoven)
  15. Tristan und Isolde (Wagner)
  16. Symphony Nr. 4 (Mahler)
  17. Piano Concerto Nr. 4 (Beethoven)
  18. Symphony Nr. 5 (Tchaikowsky)
  19. Symphony Nr. 8 (Dvorak)
  20. Symphony Nr. 5 (Bruckner)
  21. Fidelio (Beethoven)
  22. Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Wagner)
  23. Cello Concerto in b (Dvorak)
  24. Symphony Nr. 3 (Beethoven)
  25. Quartett Op. 135 (Beethoven)

A Short Bio(graphy)