WEATHER REPORT (5-day forecast)

It is raining.
Didn't we say so yesterday?
Hi: 78, Lo: 49

There is going to be a 98% chance of rain, except for Info Jungle,
where it is going to be raining for sure.
Hi: 75, Lo: 56

The Day After Tomorrow:
It'll be raining all day long.
Have your raincoats ready.
Hi: 81, Lo: 55

The Day After That:
It will be raining cats and dogs (in some areas perhaps even rabbits).
If you don't have any pets yet, get ready.
Severe darkness may develop during the night.
Hi: 79, Lo: 59

In five days:
We are expecting some rain over Absurdistan.
We'll keep you posted.
Hi: 87, Lo: 69

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