Rock/Pop Chart

Album Band, Singer,... number of copies sold
The nasty trick of faith Intense Mike 234,000
Condiments Bland Girls 231,000
The Whole of Me Blissful Peacocks 187,000
Bringing Up the Cow Can Abusers 134,000
Chrchly-chrchly Vocasi 111,000

Movies (Box office)

Movie (Studio) Wks in release Total Gross
Star Peace: Technology Rules! (Warner Sis.) 4 211,000AF
The seventh nonsense (4Star) 3 199,000AF
Denominator II. (Rabbit) 8 187,000AF
The Blair Witch Hype (Particular) 2 184,000AF
I have no idea what I did last summer (Warner Sis.) 15 103,000AF

Prisoners on parole

Name Wks in release Number of good deeds
John Pietrucci 7 109
Anthony Giggs 8 101
Robert Vejrazka 5 89
Ming Jua-Xing 9 87
Jack the Ripper, jun. 6 81

TV Shows - Regular Series

Show Season Ratings
Kocourkov 90210 17 1.092
Absurdistan's Least Wanted 43 1.232
Home Destruction 11 1.309
Enemies 8 1.833
Sex-files 9 1.880

TV Shows - Special presentations

Title Network Viewers
When bathroom ceilings collapse II. KBC 1,933,743
World's deadliest plush-bears. ABCDEH 882,710
We are bored, but we wanna be on TV anyway Which Brothers? 522,963
Explosives delivered to your neighbors' doors - LIVE UPS 502,116
Mindless teens yelling at each other XVIII. Fine 496,878

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