(found 1948)

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University of Absurdistan (UAbs) was found on one rainy night in 1948 when inhabitants of Kocourkov (Weird County) noticed strange formations on the potato field behind the city (2 miles past the quail farm). These formations turned out to be chimneys and rooftops of buildings that were later identified as Administration Building, Aerospace Engineering, School of Mathematics and Law School Buildings. It was very lucky discovery indeed, since if it wasn't for the incessant rain, a layer of soil covering University's most important buildings wouldn't have been washed away and hundreds of talented students would have to study elsewhere. Fortunately, the rain did its part well and, immediately after the discovery, Kocourkovans grabbed their shovels and spades and literally dug the rest of the University out of the ground. Cut and (later) dried.

Soon after that the University of Absurdistan at Kocourkov became the main educational institution in Absurdistan. While the teacher/student ratio at most universities in the world doesn't exceed 1:4 and even in the renowned Cimrman's Polytechnic Institute in Ja'rov its value is 1:2.5, in the UAbs this ratio reaches an incredible value of 3:1. This pedagogical miracle is partially due to an excellent reputation of the University which attracts faculty from all parts of Absurdistan and partially to a new swimming pool in the Student Athletic Complex which features jacuzzi, heated water and a pair of hungry sharks. Owing to this ratio, classrooms are usually filled with 1 student and 2-4 instructors who compete amongst themselves to get the student's attention. Another advantage of such a ratio is that faculty members have lots of time to spend on research and the scope of their interests is truly amazing as can be guessed from the following selection of classes offered by the University.

Please, note that the textbook for Contemporary American Studies has been changed to Dennis Miller's "The Rants" and, for the second semester, to his sequel "Ranting Again". Sorry for the inconvenience.

Classes available for Fall semester at UAbs:

If you would like to offer any classes as a visiting lecturer, please contact our pedagogical coordinator at admin@kocour.uabs.edu. Please include the title of the course, a brief description, prerequisites (if necessary), your name, email address, country of residence (if different from Absurdistan) and your http address (if applicable).

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