(Imagination is more important than knowledge... Albert Einstein)

My interests in Mathematics/Physics (seriously)


My primary research interests focus on dynamical systems, both conservative and dissipative, and in particular on studying different aspects of chaos and complexity. The main areas are


There are too many interesting things in mathematics/physics to concentrate only on dynamical systems. Of my side-interests, these are at the top.

Math Links

e-MATH Home Page
...the cyberquarters of AMS
The Chaos Network
...which actually is quite ordered and deterministic (see Fractals!)
Complex systems
...links to sites dealing with the subject (even outside math)
The Geometry Center
...a welcome page of Geometry Center in Minnesota
Unsolved Problems
...a collection of unsolved problems
Geometry Forum
...another place for geometry lovers
Mathematical Quotations Server
...what people said about mathematics
Analytic Beer chronicles
...chronicles of an unorthodox mathematical seminar

All SERIOUS people are POLITELY asked to leave Absurdistan NOW!
If you think you want to proceed, go ahead, but bear in mind that this HOMEpage is HOMEomorphic to the Cantor set, so mind your steps.

(a city map of Pierre de Fair)

About Math County in Absurdistan ( less seriously)

The whole south part of Weird County used to be a part of Math County. Unfortunately, during the years when the Absurd Party came to power, mathematicians were the only group who resisted the infiltration by its members and the Party got angry at them. It banned mathematics from all schools and administratively placed a big chunk of math territory into Weird County. The consequences of this unfortunate decision are felt even in the outside world. Just open any specialised mathematical journal and you'll have a very weird feeling.
An example of this administrative injustice is the city of "Codimension". Or to be more precise the city of codimension 1. As is clear from the name this unique city has codimension 1 and that means (for non-mathematicians) that it is 2-dimensional. Everything in that city, including people and their feet, is absolutely flat. Of course living in such a city is hell, since there is no way how to pass under the telegraph wires or over the sewage system. Hence, every now and then, the city officials have to disconnect and temporarily dismantle certain parts of Codimension's infrastructure so that the citizens could do some shopping or visit each other. On the other hand the townfolks pay only the flat tax, which is very low, and that makes the living in Codimension bearable. In case the reader wonders how people from 3-d world could travel into 2-d Codimension, we must remark that at the city limits there are huge hammer stations which flatten out whoever wants to be granted access to Codimension. It is needless to say that such access is permanent and irreversible.
And while we are in Math County, if you ever get there don't miss the Fair in Fair - an annual county fair in Pierre de Fair. You can get all sorts of mathematical goodies there. Candy eigenvalues, phosphorescent compact manifolds, Klein bottles of beer, Hollywood glamour girls with elliptic curves and non-measurable measures, Palace of Horror for freshman calc students with skeletons made out of integral signs, and the biggest attraction of all - the "Moebius Strip-tease". While in Pierre de Fair you may also want to try its marvellous highway system. Unfortunately the highways are too narrow for most cars and so you will have to admire them on bicycles. At any rate, don't take mathematics too seriously. Just play around with it and you'll have more fun than you'd ever imagine.

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