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Sorry for the illegibility. This used to be an INFO FIELD but with all that rain in Absurdistan
...you see what happened.

In case you haven't eaten
in the past fifteen hours
stop surfing right now!

Friendly Warning: some of these links may be dead, some unconscious.


Rosta Hedvicek
...the "enfant terrible" of the Czech part of the Internet
Milan Hubacek
...a cimrmanologist stationed in Japan
Karel Oliva
...a cimrmanologist stationed in Germany
Pavel Pokorny
...ex-colleague from Prague Inst. of Chem. Technology
Mirko Rokyta
...a fellow member of the Analytic Beer seminar
Peter Vorobieff
...one of my less orthodox colleagues at Los Alamos

Bizarre, Absurd, Weird,...

Dan Sroka's Calendars
A truly bizarre experience
Scott's Page of Evil
A humorous look at the dark side of Homo Sapiens
Laurence Simon's Weirdland
Another weird country on this planet
Ovi's Homepage - The World of the Bizarre
A collection of extraordinary stories
An on-line magazine for bizarre aspects of life.
Internet UFO Group
UFO search still on...
News of the Weird
Chuck Shepherd's weekly syndicated column


Animal Shirts
...coolest T-shirts in this arm of the Galaxy...
Search Humor
...a directory for humor seekers...
The Center for Easily Amused
...fun capital of the virtual world...
The Great God Contest
...in case you are want to get the best...
Dave's Web of Lies
...in case you don't want to speak truth any more
Bad answer man
...in case you want to know some (bad) answers
Murphy's Laws
...in case you are looking for some explanations
Grey Kitten's List o'Birthdays
...in case you wonder who was born on the same day as you
Internet Movie Database
...in case you are too lazy to go to the movies yourself
Beavis and Butt-head
...uhmmmm...like...uhmm...in case and stuff

Miscellaneous links from my WWW-bag

A virtual city with something for everyone.
Solar System Live
Shows current configuration of planets.
An old Chinese oracle will give you a free advice :-)
Christine's Open House
A creative outlet with nice graphics
European Soccer
What's happening in European Soccer Club Competitions.
Art Crimes
Graffiti samples from all over the world.

Home Page Improvement

Web Masters
...an excellent source containing the links below and MORE!
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
...a very good starting point
MacMillan's HTML Workshop
...a walk through the web authoring
Net Tips for Writers
...a word of advice to the beginning HTML-writers
Pointers to Picture Archives
...a Guide to the picture jungle on the web.
Virtual Image Archive
...still more pictures here
CSC Image Library
...a Guide to the icon jungle on the web.
Icons and Images
...and more icons
Colors of Netscape
...intro to colors with a handy table
Boersma, J.
...nice graphics for downloading (see Digital Doodles)
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