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the garden of eden

sun warmly shines
and a white snake laughs
never underestimate the draft
while sharks of your photographs
circle my stranded raft

moon dimly whines
and the white snake whispers in your ear
i am your loyal sssserpent
i am your candle in the darknessss
i am your never ending guide to fear

so open the creaking door
and let the blind snake in
so that it can ask for more
so that it may cast off its sin

like a jester bored of being fake
of seeing leaves sprout every may
through the glistening mirror of the lake
the seeing leaves and the blind will stay
listen listen listen to what it has to say

angels changing in the heaven
enter flowers of the fire
in your hair the stars are shining
purple evening at the doorway
a little figure from the china
smoothly turning on the table
sees its picture on the surface
and the water slowly rising

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marble snake

two weeks old snake crawled up to the garden
and saw there Alice in her trellis-frock
just about to throw a white rabbit into a pond
to play there with her golden fish and frog

the snake could have easily sneaked in
perhaps in the poor rabbit's defense
it could have easily squeezed through the flimsy fence
it would have been a farce thence
but it stopped instead - pondering the view
as its muscles were too weak
and its teeth did not contain any venom

only certain names are older than actions
only certain manes remain unsurrendered
and the moral of the story is
don't grow a slight habit into a bond

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chocolate hay

two rivers continuously flow into our soul
mutually intertwined in a common spillway
one of them is white
and one of them is black

but don't get fooled by either one
adjustable scales waiting for a minute scratch
will always find a way to balance off
hiding razors in your comfortable pillow
planting diamonds in sandy deserts
catching you off-guard daily
rendering you stronger

meanwhile on the shore
mickey mouse lost an orange ball
his chin crying in the morning
until an old mouse came
with hands in pockets of its soiled pants
spit out the straw and said
you be the smiling one

i am shocked at the way it all works out
and i cannot remember why on earth
did i call this piece the chocolate hay

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firebird's dreamling

for months i gathered wool in a sparing pavilion
so when the time had stroked us with its hour hand
by sight i knew your exam dress of daring vermillion
by hearing i knew the gentle rhythm of your breath
by touch i knew the way you made the bed
by smell i knew your evening hair
by taste i knew you long before we met
because an anchor belongs to the sea rather than to the ship

when light was removed on a silver plate
we told each actor to forget his role
and heard how confused lies dashed for a gate
through which music enters the carnival of soul

a weasel in your sleeve changed for a cougar
but my fingers pursued its scenty track
and the anchor wished to have been made from sugar
so that sailors could never heave it back

meanwhile in a vault of tear
life collects its entrance fee
if you were here
then i would be

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lilly of the valley

the queen came to a high cliff
and found a thorny rose there
she wanted to throw it down on a beach
she was kind of romantic you know
but as her arms went in a swing
she forgot to release her grip
and getting closer to a cutting edge
she stumbled over a low-trimmed hedge
and not having a single wing
fell down on the sandy bottom

when a brawny scorpion found her
she was still warm alive and young
but her eyes would soon close
and her hair would cease to flow

silly of the valley
why do you dilly-dally
i am your closer in the darkness
i am your flower in the stream

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drowned fish

disclosed by the tales of jesterday
poisoned by the same innocent hand
i see - silence is all i had to say
silence which is the air i breathe
the spine of land
the sound of lake

your dreamy eyes were pressed against the cage of dawning
and beauty only emptied her pockets and said: change me
my lips still smeared with ink of kisses hurtled through
and the sensitive dolphin skin said: do not touch me
but the devil is always more patient than we are

a hovering scalpel soon will swoon and dissect
hunting me on a burning horse of cause and effect
you can only guess what's behind the closed door
you just touch the doorknob in the cellar of certainty
and numb bats dart down from their nests and shatter
how wonderous it would be
again in view for many

what can't be forgiven
has to be forgotten
and the knowing sea
drags its dregs
alongside its inscrutable bottom

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you either know or can't be told
you either have or can't be given

irony ironing its steel underwear
presses the shrinking face of eternity

i am the sand wandering in cogwheels of my revolving joy
i am that lazy river spanking its robbed banks with waves

the smirking devil keeps watching his lolling float
on the river of sorrow flowing slowly through my throat

around the house where patience was lost
a shadowy figure tinkers with a pendulum

when jester and juggler played cards on a beach
they both had a mouse trap in their mouth

the hourglass slid down and didn't break
as if no one asked any questions

sun picking needles from a weedless grass
conceals debris of what used to be a morning jungle

but whenever i look at the clock
the hands appear to have been moved

there is a captain down on a paper lake
watching dolphins return to the surface

as they lent their skin to the sun they laughed
simple like angels not seeing the hell below the water

last week i met people who i didn't remember
and they said they didn't remember me either

when we were sawing the piles of wood
i wished they hadn't been so hungry

knowledge gives you both wings and stones in pockets
to smuggle your soul across the burnt bridge to heaven

the clock hands circling the tiny waist of time
meet every hour for a little dance in my face

i have often wondered what goes on inside
when a new beast is born inside an old body

a weathered sailor clings to the rope drawn from deep waters
it takes a long time before he flings his end back to the lake

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burnt bridge to heaven

try clouds on your foot
try shawls of light wool
while sinking white soot
says you are the fool

when it is silently snowing outside
and the bleaching ash gags the mouth of infirm ground
my mind reminds me: oh boy
your knowledge has a big white hole

fallink flakes
hot milk and cakes
cink cink cink
what's the missink link?

fchmyri.jpg (64669 bytes)
the layer of yours in my memory

in this rose
you breathe so warmly close
the searching sun looks for the room
in which your picture sleeps
and when it finds it
breathes upon the small windowpain
and admits: i mist you

all the miracles of nights we share
between you and me have country fair
and that's not much space to live in
washing machine in its final spin

and when the morning musters all its members
the chilly sun and your body hot like glowing embers
it remembers
the days with you were a holiday
that i forgot to celebrate

ftapiser.jpg (57950 bytes)
liquor store

i like the smell of cheese and wine
when we leave our cosy inn
and the drunken man staggering in my head
awkwardly lights the street lanterns
i like the sounds of city nights
when some sleep and others don't
and wet reflections of returning cars
coruscate on a rusty bannister
i like to read the graffiti on walls
happiness - you can hardly plan it
even though it's not exactly what i wanted to say
hey - we live on the same planet!
and you know this planet's lore
the winter always yields
and the moon sows stars galore
on its distant lucid fields
and you fling yourself down on a bench
and say that you don't care about stars
and i know that you do
jends.jpg (64669 bytes)
little magic

like a brush of a painter
like a dazzling airplane
a queen ascending a flight of stairs
will close her eyes and ask: who dares?

hot air balloon snipping through the cotton of rain
follows the beasts of your thighs
flashing their teeth in its lane

two stockings and a crocodile
the lambent feather of your smile
shadows pawing walls of sight
twist ribbons of the shade with light
ten commandments with a leaven

past a candle dancing on your arms
your dress slipped to make a carpet
on my stareway to heaven
for a thousandth time newly found
yet bringing down the same
take her round
join the flame

jxflo.jpg (64669 bytes)
waiting for the supper to be ready

every day between six and seven o'clock
the beasts come and try my guts
like squirrels nigling over fallen nuts
they put a paper bag over my head
and chanting this pursery rhyme
their lips impart tartrending cuts

one slice of you one slice of me
skinny nurse of lost victory
hold your arm more firmly son
we can't believe our cake is gone

shaving your mind of growing fear
you can see the drapes of wrath
life is a shameless puppeteer
that runs along the hidden path

a foot on my chest
soon must we go
soon must we rest
where strawberries grow

i tried to fool the beasts with cherries
but they stoutly stood
like hungry wolves
waiting for their red riding food

and the juggler
entangled in a trigonometry of his sins
knows that the first toppled tumbler
will be his end

jmerc.jpg (64669 bytes)
jester's gestures

vocal cords drive dirt to our lungs
eloquent lizards swallowed their tongues
revolving suns pour honey down on dozing butterflies
a pair of wings and roses few to patch up your eyes

no one moved
deep inside the furnace however
the invisible fibers of life stirred

without any cause or reason
sun blowing bubbles with its flute
prepares trees for the last ball of the season
giving them a colored parachute

in fallow fields between the farms
reaching out to summer's lards
the flow carries away the cards
and the juggler sleeps in jester's arms

fslunec.jpg (110393 bytes)
the knight of the night

sick of all the locks
always falling through like a master key
like a funky morning waltzing through
like a stitching memory
always chasing ignorant clouds in the offing

i am awakened in the head of a little seagull
before the daylight's tail has time to dream away
and while my recollections fail across the ocean
the salty sea disgorges frightened sharks

i am following a shiny figure
picking up - like frozen tears
strewn photographs of yours
i hid from myself in the harbor
and i can hear them spying in my ears
all along throughout his nightly course
through the clatter of his metal plates
and smell of bloodlets dripping off his armor

suddenly he stops
as if listening to your green ayes
and puts those sharks in little cots
tongues of sea and the seeing ties
lick his iron socks

fmalhrad.jpg (64669 bytes)
the bridge across the silence

when in the middle of insanity
the way out has to lead through the madness

the blind lizard of warmth
licking the fruit of forgiveness
can hear when the door
to paradise not lost
slowly opens

escape to the bridge
where feisty wings of freedom
shove their feathers onto you

clown in a circus
look at what he's doing
the answer might be there
in the colorful garden of words
his heavy hand rewarding many
will smear the make up

fromem ptybot tlesofva nity
glibmo onde scendso nabru shofyo urs
thusdis solv ingt he prepostero usland
ofmyn ightma resand the irs harpc laws

they called me up for a carnival
and when i arrived there i saw them
the floor held the lost pieces of my life
and so did the hand which gave you the crown

they called me the admiral
since all of my men got drunk
and unbuttoned their shirts or tore them open
so we could catch a wind and leave this land

jbrid.jpg (64669 bytes)
blue lagoon

very often when we read a letter
a breeze takes its envelope away
and the return address is gone
before we finish reading our soul
the age takes our body away
and angels can never write us back

so saddle the silver submarine
and follow the pair of green eyes
watching you closely from the lagoon
the fish know the secret code
if there is anything left in you
it's the sea

many were sent to eradicate you from myself
many were ordered to shatter your picture
but none of them has ever returned
for deep below the fallow fields
deep below the ocean floor
we were secretly merged

jblue.jpg (64669 bytes)
cocktail on the dolphin farm

a waft of wind brushed against the string
painting an eyelash of the dozing spring
oh no no no it didn't wake up yet
it only opened its eyes

it takes a long yawn to mute the ticking clock
the tock in minds tickling the fins of slinky fish
thus the spring stretches its legs down the lagoon
where lanky shepherds let their dolphins roam
just like any time - through the silver shine of moon
a minute hand resumes its fragile poise
for milky clouds to tuck away the noise

now if you press your ear to the chest
you'll hear a steady throbbing
but this time it's not the spring knocking
it is the heart of a sailor in a small submarine
who negotiated through arteries into my heart
and found there your pictures
snugly nestled against the wall

his nose glued to the tiny porthole
his breakfast waiting on the white tablecloth
he remembered the hell where angels baked
his peace of cake

let a light
draw a silhouette
the king and the queen
under a blooming tangerine
took off their hats and - smack!
now that your eyes can see
pack all your words and
wink them back

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created by jabberwocky in 1993-1995
modified for web: april 2003