Oops - this is not Ejsi, DC.

But at least we are right behind the city wall. Well, it turned out that to actually enter Ejsi, DC we'd need either a password or a squad of top-notch explosion experts. As is well-known in Absurdistan, Ejsi is the most secret city in the world, being under strict control of the Absurd Party. To an astrophysicist, Ejsi might resemble a black hole in a perversely deep silent period. Information can get in but can't get out. And neither can people, dogs, saxophones, soup cans, parsley, sheep and large convoys of Potato-Laden Inter-Galactic Humanitary Needlework SpaceShips. Fortunately, the password is hidden somewhere in Absurdistan and our search party is looking for it day and night, except for major holidays, so the chances are that within a few geological eras we'll be able to bring you the news from Ejsi, DC directly. Till then, we can only present some hearsay and what we found on a scrap of newspaper lying near the city wall. If that bothers you, please, file a complaint at the nearest absurd Embarassy.


Nejsi Ejsi

Here is what we retrieved from a scrap of Ejsi's only newspaper "Nejsi Ejsi".

If you find any other pieces of "Nejsi Ejsi" let us know. And don't use a paintbrush as a lollipop.

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