CIMRMAN in New Mexico

Every cimrmanologist who ever drove throughout northern New Mexico must say to himself "Oh boy, this piece of Earth is so bizarre that it is virtually impossible that Cimrman wouldn't spend some time here". And indeed, he did. According to our last measurements, Jara spent 9-11 months in New Mexico, the epicenter of his activity being Los Alamos, NM. Cimrman's interests, however, were so varied that up to now we have found 9 distinct localities, where Cimrman made his epoch-making discoveries, inventions or researches. These are:

1. Los Alamos, NM (radioactive decay of sausages)
2. La Jara, NM (laser predecessors)
3. Valle Grande, NM (particle deccelerator)
4. Winslow, AZ (heavy digging machinery)
5. Pajarito, NM (skiing techniques)
6. White Rock, NM (lightning research)
7. La Jara, CO (*****trip to La Jara, CO has been postponed til August 97***)
8. Bandelier, NM (cheese melting)
9. Abiquiu, NM (transatlantic transportation)

Unfortunately, the sheer amount of evidence is so overwhelming that the detailed Report on the above activities won't be out til the end of 1997. But in order to give the reader a flavor of things to come I decided to include few pictures from La Jara, NM, even though at the present time I won't reveal any details, since the data analysis is not yet over. BTW, there are only two places in the States named LA JARA. One is in northern New Mexico and the other one is in southern Colorado. That clearly confirms our hypothesis that most of Cimrman's activities in North America took place in or around New Mexico.

Road 96 North, branching off from Road 44 West approximately 5 miles after Cuba, NM, and leading to La Jara, NM. In the background one can see the Jemez Mountains that to Cimrman must have looked like his beloved Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia.

Circa 2 miles after the above sign you come accross the only store in La Jara, NM. Thanks to the authorities and the New Mexican Commerce Bureau the store looks exactly the same as it did when Jara Cimrman built it. At the time, this was one of the most modern department stores in the world, Cimrman personally screening all the salespeople. Today, in the era of huge chains (such as JCPenney's, Sears and the likes), Cimrman's store lost its importance as the world premiere trading place, but it still serves local communities and it serves them well.

Right across from the Store, there is a Post Office from which Cimrman was sending his letters to prof. Zemlicka. Unfortunately, this building has been remodeled and shows no signs of Cimrman's original design.

At the Store, the Road 96 splits and you can either take right turn or keep going north towards Regina, NM. If you do, then after another mile or two you come to the point, where a dirt road branches off and this is nothing else than an access route toward "the Experimental Area 26", the place where Cimrman knocked together the world's first primitive laser (actually, we'll see in the Report that it wasn't quite laser yet, but it got pretty close to it). Unfortunately, the Area 26 lies on a private land today and it is difficult to get there with heavy measuring instruments.

Well, if you take the right turn at the Store, then soon you come to this road that leads past he local church (behind the car) and on towards "El Rancho", where Cimrman kept all his domestic animals that he needed for his research.

Driving further towards 'El Rancho' gets you to the historically most valuable site in La Jara, NM. Authentic ruins of Cimrman's two laboratories. As you can see, both laboratories are within easy walking distance from each other and researchers used smoke signals for communication. After a few weeks, however, these signals caused fire, which eventually forced Cimrman to invent a primitive walkie-talkie.

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