Center for Unobtrusive Advertisement

The mission of the Center is to monitor and censor commercial advertisement in Absurdistan. The Center also provides funds for creative minds in the advertising business and lunchbags for the members of Ad-police, who enforce the noise limits.

As a service to our citizens in Northern Absurdistan, who are able to intercept broadcast of American networks, the Center also posts the winner of the quarterly "Silly Raccoon" award to the most innovative, creative and funny commercial.

For the quarter of WINTER 04, the winner is: Miller beer

The human domino motive is simply pleasure to watch. Very well executed and inspired. Tape it while it lasts.

Previous winners:

Autumn.03 - Honda Civic
Summer.03 - Golden Grahams cereal
Spring.03 - Saturn Ion
Winter.03 - Pepsi Twist
Autumn.02 - Levi's Jeans
Summer.02 - Mike's Lemonade
Spring.02 - Extra, the chewing gum
Winter.02 - Nike
Autumn.01 - Hyundai Sonata
Summer.01 - Volkswagen GTI
Spring.01 - Sierra Mist drink
Winter.01 - Geico Insurance Company
Autumn.00 - Yahoo Inc.
Summer.00 - Heineken beer
Spring.00 - Volkswagen Cabrio
Winter.00 - Coca-Cola
Autumn.99 - Folgers Coffee
Summer.99 - Showtime channel
Spring.99 - Mentos the Freshmaker
Winter.99 - Volkswagen Jetta
Autumn.98 - Salon Selectives shampoo
Summer.98 - Red Baron: Bake to Rise pizza