Welcome to the 21st century, dear virtual wanderer!

How come, you may ask yourself. Well, by the decree 089/X of the Secret Party, the United Counties of Absurdistan will benefit from the Daylight Saving Century .

Thus the new century won't begin, as in the uncivilized world, with the year 1 (as in 1901, 2001...), but 3 years earlier, which for the 21st century spells January 1, 1998. By this enlightened edict, the UCA plans to save some 30,000,000 kWh of electric energy. Of course, once we get well into the century, the calendar will be moved back, so on January 1, 2009 we will all move our watches 3 years back to 2006, synchronizing Absurdistan with the rest of the civilization.

So forget, for the moment, the dark ages of the second millenium and rejoice. For a few moments, you have the privilege to surf in the 21st century.

Is your garden Y2K ready ??

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