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Post details: World Series: Game 5

World Series: Game 5

Wow!!! Not only it happened, but it happened in St. Louis.

Who would have thought a month ago that this group of misfits can go all the way? With stars Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen and Carpenter being more than matched by Eckstein, Spiezio, Belliard, Miles, Wilson, Taguchi and Molina on one side and Suppan, Weaver, Reyes, Wainwright, Kinney, Looper and Flores on the other. If there ever was a team effort, this was it. Molina and Rolen hitting over 0.400, unsung heros stepping up to the plate in crucial moments (still remember Spiezio and Taguchi against Mets?), LaRussa pulling one ace after another from his play book of tricks and several pitchers throwing their career performances.

Jeff Weaver was saving his gem for the moment when his team needed it most. For the last game of the World Series. He will always be remembered for this game. How he was striking out one Tiger after another for the total of NINE strike-outs. How he threw to 3rd in the 4th to oust the runner in the scoring position. How he caught a comeback ball in the 6th. Jeff the Magic Weaver.

And Adam Wainwright, 25, must have had nerves of steel. I wouldn't be able to pour myself a cup of tea in the roar of the fans. He showed his mortal side too by allowing a hit and a walk, giving the Tigers hope for a game turning hit. You could feel how the wind of psychological pressure blew his pitches slightly off-course. It is nice to have a closer who is actually human. If I was in his shoes, I would have a heart attack. Fortunately, he composed himself just in time to give Brandon Inge little chance for any mischief. Boiling Busch was ready to explode.

So the Cards will no longer have nine titles under their belt, but I will love them anyway. Confetti time! Fireworks over Mississippi!

Tonight the World Series dreams will be sleeping on a king size bed. And Kenny Rogers who could have pitched but was saved for the hypothetical Game 6 against Carpenter can now play chess instead with Jim Leyland.

Favorite comic moment: After Pujols fell on his back in the 7th to make a play in the field, Weaver filled in at first base, caught his flipped ball and got an important out by vigorously stomping on the bag as if demonstrating a move of some arcane Norwegian dance.

Favorite play: Unfazed Weaver getting his 3rd out in the 6th after a misplayed flyout threatened an unexpected snarl and must surely have thrown off his concentration

Score: Cards 4, Tigers 2


Comment from: Louka [Visitor]

>> Wow!!! Not only it happened, but it happened in St. Louis.

I think the home environment probably helped a lot. Just like in the French's world cup win in 1998.
Permalink 10/28/06 @ 01:14

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