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Post details: World Series: Game 4

World Series: Game 4

Holy Sabertooth Tiger! This was a thriller.

After two back to back eight-inning chokers, Jeff Suppan offered the Tigers' offense a little breather and was given an honorable discharge in the 6th. By that time the Tigers have bitten three times and for a while that seemed to be enough, except for the fact that Lady Luck was galloping around the stadium in a bright red cape tonight. Scott Rolen must have known that when he attempted that risky double in the 4th to beat the glove of Placido Polanco by a margin ordinarily reserved for downhill skiing.

My friend Courtney says that David Eckstein is the least talented Card and that's why she loves him. Well, tonight she has a reason to open a bottle of the best Chateau de la Gardine she can find. Eckstein was 4 for 5 and hitting like a hammer on amphetamine. When Curtis Granderson slipped en route to Eckstein's seemingly easy flyout, he had no idea that this is just the beginning of a big nightmare for the Tigers' fans. Nor did Eckstein know that this was the lesser of the two kisses Lady Luck chose to impart on his cheeky plays tonight.

At the bottom of the eight, the game tied at four a piece, he hit another ball hard. Craig Monroe sprinted, dove for it, stretched out his hand and... just missed it. The ball kissed to the top of his glove and glanced off onto the green turf, whose vast expanse it apparently desired more than the tight living quarters of the glove's inside. When FOX paused that play, it looked like the ball had gently alighted on the mitt's webbing and balanced there for a moment, pondering whether it should yield to the Coriolis force or not. It seemed suspended in the air, like a prima ballerina frozen in a taut pose, impatiently waiting for the conductor's cue to continue her dance.

Well, the ball skipped off, Miles skittered in and Wainwright brought the ship safely to the harbor. But it was a wild saber dance on high seas tonight.

Favorite comic moment: The Tigers' reliever Fernando Rodney picking up Taguchi's easy bunt and in the heat of the moment throwing it just high over the shocked first baseman Sean Casey as if challenging him for a catching jump

Favorite play: when Preston Wilson singled in the 7th, Pujols ran over second base and out towards third, attracting the attention of Tigers' cut off man (who tagged him out) and buying So Taguchi enough time to score the go-ahead run

Score: Cards 5, Tigers 4


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