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Post details: World Series: Game 3

World Series: Game 3

Kenny Rogers is so October 22.

After two low profile appearances against the Mets, Cardinals' turbo-pitcher Chris Carpenter took the center stage with the ferocity of a Maori warrior and hurled one uncompromising spear after another at suddenly toothless Tigers. It was his first World Series appearance and he relished the occasion with a sparkling 3-hitter that caused a steep temperature drop in the greater Detroit area.

Unlike in their series with Boston, when the Cards shot most of their balls into the waiting gloves of Red Sox players, this time around they\ir whole line-up was finding cracks in the Tigers' defense. When Jim Edmonds chipped in with a projectile that sneaked past the first base into the no man's territory, giving Pujols and Rolen plenty of time to score, the Cardinals' odds at baseball betting shops soared to new heights.

Favorite comic moment: at the bottom of 7th, the Tigers' reliever Joel Zumaya threw a comebacker at the phantom Third Baseman, who let the ball pass right through his phantom body into the foul territory, allowing the Cards to chalk up two more runs. The actual third baseman, Brandon Inge, was standing few yards to the left of the base at the time of the incident, apparently inspecting the state of the Busch Stadium's new turf. Knowing the poor catching abilities of phantom Basemen, he made an attempt to return to the third base, but by the time he got there, the whimsical ball was rolling towards the stands to the tune of "Catch Me If You Can"

Favorite play: with the precision of a sniper, David Eckstein hit a ground ball which not only zipped right past the pitcher, but also sauntered between the second baseman and the shortstop with such elegance that you could almost hear the ball saying "excuse me" as it squeezed into the innfield

Score: Cards 5, Tigers 0


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