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Post details: World Series: Game 2

World Series: Game 2

Kenny Rogers is blazing.

And he exudes confidence through all of his pores. Apparently, sometimes that confidence condensates on his palm in the form of a pitchy substance. But whatever it was that everyone saw on his hand, tonight it would have been easier to penetrate through the concrete walls at Fort Knox than through his vicious flamethrowing.

Weaver didn't pitch badly, but next to Rogers he looked like an apprentice watching the master. Although the way he got himself out of bases loaded no out in the 2nd was quite entertaining. He put up a fight where he could, but Rogers imposed his commanding presence on every single moment of the game. And you could feel that this was no fluke. He must have been born that way.

After Rogers left, the Cards had exactly one inning to make things happen. That was not much time, especially after Pujols and Spiezio struck out. But Rolen - one strike away from game's end - showed some cloudy bones and hit one into the right field. Encarnacion then reached on an error and Edmonds doubled for the first run. All of a sudden - still with two out - Cards were churning up hits like there was no tomorrow. Wilson loaded the bases and Molina could make the Tigers caterwaul in horror with one well aimed shot.

But that deep hole into which the Tigers were being lured remained a dream. Molina grounded out and the Tigers leaped right over it. A pity Tony didn't pull a power-hitting rabbit out of his baseball hat. There were a couple of those sitting on the bench.

Favorite comic moment: Tiger's closer Todd Jones didn't quite handle Encarnacion's comeback hit, desperately sliding Polanco tried to throw the ball to first, but was able to merely push it towards it, allowing Encarnacion to reach the base before the slowly rolling ball

Favorite play: Aaron Miles controlling the ball with his chest the way soccer players do and starting a double play at the bottom of 2nd

Score: Cards 1, Tigers 3


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