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Post details: Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries

At the end of June I like to be at my parents summerhouse because the surrounding meadows and forest fringes are invaded by wild strawberries. In an hour, you can easily pick half a gallon of delicate crimson diamonds, whose collective smell is one of the most profound olfactory sensations I can think of.

Wild strawberries are quite different from their garden bred brethren. Sure, they may not be as big and as red, but their taste is much subtler and uniquely sweet. They do not lend themselves easily to transporting and preserving, which means you won't find them - fresh or canned - at a supermarket near you. Indeed, in order to experience them you have to enter the wilderness and endure an occasional sting of a nettle, a scratch of a thorn or a visit from a thirsty mosquito. But at the end, when you mash them with powdered sugar, you get a taste of what gods have for dessert.

Recently I noticed that when I strike up a conversation with my friends and acquaintances, instead of hearing their life stories, I get to listen to those they saw in movies and TV shows. Sure, well packaged Hollywood fables are much funnier and more adventurous than anything that can possibly happen to an average earthling. And yes, to acquire your own stories, you can get scratched, stung, even hurt. But when you tell them to your friends, you get to smell the fine aroma of wild strawberries.



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