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Post details: Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Behind my parents' summer house there is an old abandoned quarry. For a while it was completely barren, its reddish gravel glowing like a scar from a distance, but various weeds started creeping in over the years and these days the place looks like one huge technicolor party of wild flowers. Surviving on a diet of ground stone may go against the Healthy Nutritional Guidelines of most Horticultural Societies, but despite the harsh terrain they managed to eke out a pretty decent living out there.

Now if you are a rose, an orchid or a tulip, don't take this personally, but I think that most cultivated flowers are spoiled posers. They flaunt their carefully manufactured colors the way cocky young men show off their brand new blazers. Their extravagant shapes beg to be admired and their sublime fragrances constantly crave attention. But the true beauty is hardly ever needy.

Wild flowers are much more personable. Their existence is independent of eager adulators and their modest design has been slowly honed by eras of evolutionary trial and error, a suit presided over by an impartial jury of bees and animals. Their coloring and morphology may not be as flamboyant as that of their high end sisters, but they exude familiar warmth and the spirit of home. The girl next door charm.

Sometimes when I idle at a supermarket's exit lane and my vision scans over the faces of numerous super models gracing the magazine covers, I am reminded of all the pampered glass house flora. And I wonder whether dating these over-shampooed camera-ready goddesses doesn't feel a little bit like going out with a sterile holographic image perfected by a concerted effort of an international team of renowned beautologists. And I am also curious whether they are really happy in their high insecurity cosmetic prisons. I suspect that the answer is no, for beyond the Mountains of Perfection lies the Desert of Emptiness.

Wild flowers on the other hand are genuine, simple, and yet not trivial. And those are the attributes I find most appealing in women, too.



Comment from: Lucky [Visitor]
If you are truly able to view life in this light, you are wealthier than most.
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