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Post details: West Pocket Revue

West Pocket Revue

Today I made a startling discovery: my pocket is dreadfully uneventful.

I have a cell phone which occasionally moonlights as a camera and takes photos. Maddeningly, one of the control buttons is on the outside and every now and then it goads the camera into action while it is still lodged deeply in my pocket. It does so especially when I drive and the fabric presses on it from random angles. Upon reviewing about 10 recent photos featuring 10 completely dark rectangles I came to the conclusion that the social and aesthetic milieu in my pocket needs some serious reviving (and much better lighting conditions).

In the run up to the Second World War, there was a small avantgarde group of comedians in Prague called "Liberated Theater" and one of their first productions was a burlesque show titled "West Pocket Revue". So I thought I'd pay homage to their creative endeavors and start carrying strange objects in my pockets, so I could actually capture something meaningful when my cell phone camera goes off.

All I have to do is populate my pocket with a few miniature figurines and start monitoring their social life. So many choices. Should I go for buccaneers or exotic animals? Or maybe I should carry both - in a sort of reenactment of "The Pocket of Dr. Moreau". Or maybe I should focus on a documentary genre instead and do a National Geographic Special. I am going to call it "Little Shiny Objects I Found on a Sidewalk and Their Place in the Ecosystem of My Pocket".


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