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Post details: The Peaks of Arizona

The Peaks of Arizona

The West is majestic and mystical. The cathedral of freedom on one hand. The declaration of spirituality on the other.

And no, I don't mean the get-rich-quick kind of spirituality channeled by booming televangelists in their ostentatiously packed megachurches. I am talking about the natural spirituality of the land whose essence subtly resonates with its people - like a universal soul steeped in timeless legends and cloaked in a seemingly infinite prairie. Toss a basket full of feathers into a deep gorge and for a split second you catch a glimpse of the eternal truth. It can be a revealing experience.

The moment you hit the road in the West, you can sense a profound change in this planet's milieu. The fresh smell of the breeze, the loose fitting sky, the evening songs of the setting Sun, the distant horizon with a lick of an attitude. It's hard to describe, but any time I drive there, a wave of unforgiving beauty washes over me. It must be coming from the ubiquitous mountains - those frozen undulations of Earth that make the West so genuinely three dimensional. Those slumbering giants silently bathing in space.

And let's be clear: in the West, space is a staple. If you drive along I-40 west from Flagstaff, you'll see no shortage of it. And no shortage of mountains either. A range after range will unfold in front of your eyes and tempt your imagination to take a hike. The small bulbous hills that would make for a leisurely afternoon stroll. The higher tops whose conquest might warrant a full day trip. Even those crowned with reddish rocks that could require a bit of technical climbing. Each peak represents a standing dare. A slumbering dream bathing in your inner space.

And that's the true spirit of the West.

Being exposed to these challenges on a daily basis molds your character. It makes you take a risk. I bet if you delve into the foothills, each bluff will greet you with a little sign that says "Climb me!". Those little heapy rascals have no shame teasing you with the magic pill of this vast Wonderland. But it is more than a challenge. It is an invitation to unleash the loaded slings of opportunity.



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