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Watch This Space

Of all the library buildings that I have seen so far, my favorite is the one adorning the campus of the University of California at San Diego, which I visited this weekend with a friend of mine. Not only is it surrounded by a grove with a couple of fake metal trees inconspicuously and mischievously interwoven among the living ones, but it also assumes a daring mushroomy form indicating an imminent architectonic shift. It is an edifice truly worthy of dispensing knowledge and penmanship in the 21st century.

Being confronted with such an audacious statement, I had no choice but enter. It looked fairly normal on the inside except for one large glass display case. A show case that was clearly on the verge of being filled with a major scientific discovery, for its temporary emptiness was mitigated by a suspenseful notice: "Watch This Space".

Being a law-abiding citizen, I always heed public notices. At first I thought that I was supposed to watch this space, because something extraordinary would happen. So I kept staring at the glass cabinet, hoping that Rolling Stones would materialize out of the thin air or that a wormhole into a parallel Universe would issue or that its transparent air mass would suddenly inspissate into a chicken soup and leak on the floor, but none of that happened.

So I figured the notice was trying to imply something else. Maybe it meant something like "please, watch this dog". I thought some guard might have been watching this dangerous space, but needed to go to the bathroom and asked the general public for little assistance while he was tending to his bodily functions. So I continued watching that space, making sure it wouldn't make any false moves. But the space was pretty quiet and didn't seem to be very keen on running away. An average space is usually pretty sedentary. But it is capable of running, mind you, and when it does, it is called a wind. But this one didn't, so I had it easy. Frankly, this was one of the best behaved spaces I ever watched.

I didn't really want to interrupt my civic duty, but my friend and his sister started showing signs of impatience. So I left the glass cabinet to its own devices without ever finding out what happened to those ten cubic feet of mysterious space.



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