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Post details: Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, Baby!

One of the Eastern metaphysical schools claims that life is but an illusion. If you subscribe to that kind of philosophy, then Las Vegas should be on top of your destination list.

Built at the dawn of the twentieth century in a dry basin of the Southern Nevada desert, Vegas is a masterpiece of illusion. A Disney World for adults with just the right amount of attendant vices thrown in. If you think of yourself as a caravan plodding through the desert of uneventful office life, then Las Vegas is your green oasis, where the elves of life perform their rejuvenating dance.

Las Vegas is both unicorny and glittery. It is the world's capital of kitsch hands down. Where else do you find oversize rabbit statues next to pink waterfalls of crystal drapes? Where else can you experience the miniature highlights of Paris, Venice and New York within three blocks of easy walking. And where else can you strut down the street dressed like a Renegade Harlequin without raising a single eyebrow? No matter what your preference for leisure is, Las Vegas has it on tap - a splashy show, a well manicured retreat, a bustling promenade, a brand name boutique, a non-stop bar, a glitzy vestibule, an endless maze of slot machines, an exotic restaurant, a neon symphony, a discreet card table, or all of the above.

Let's face it - we all need a little spice in the mundane soup of our every day life. A bubble bath of illusion to wash away the grime of banality. And when we wake up the next morning, who knows where we'll be - perhaps half way between the gilded walls of Mandalay Bay and the stately towers of Camelot, pleasantly entombed deep inside the Great Pyramid. Ready for our next life, just like the pharaohs of the ancient past.



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