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Post details: Truth likes to straddle

Truth likes to straddle

Being mired in the midst of a discussion about Creation versus Evolution feels like reliving a busy day at the battle of Verdun. Two sides with their argumentative horns firmly locked, all you are able to register is cantankerous soldiers dug deeply in their trenches, nervously clutching their verbal howitzers and guarding every inch of the precious intellectual territory with serrated bayonets. The only good news is that you have a choice whether you want to flounder in the mud from which Adam was created or in the mud through which some rebellious fish once clambered onto the land (which it subsequently populated with our grand grand ancestors).

But truth is that truth is rarely belligerent. It waltzes gracefully between valleys of extremes like Ginger Rogers on her high heels, lightly tapping the ice covered mountain ridges. It takes a conscientious effort to follow her tracks without slipping - the everyday struggle to interpret the marks on the slick slope properly, to pay attention to the terrain, to quickly react to any loses of balance and stability. Sadly, for many people this is too much of a bother and they rather give up and tumble down into the comfortable valleys of extremes, where they wallow in seeming happiness and are exempt from all thinking duties ever after.

But back to the topic.

Today I boiled some eggs for breakfast. Although in general I am cooking impaired, eggs I can do. I placed them gingerly in bubbling hot water and after the appropriate time period I fished them out. When I cracked them open, however, I couldn't help wondering how they came to be this way. They certainly didn't evolve by themselves - for it was me who put them in the boiling water. On the other hand I didn't create them out of nothing. Neither did I use any supernatural powers. I prepared them using time-honored principles of thermodynamics.

So you see I have a problem now - should I credit my breakfast to evolution or creation?


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