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Post details: Roof Mower Wanted

Roof Mower Wanted

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve and some houses wear their lawn on their roof. Especially in Norway.

If you think that grass being greener on the other side of the fence is a valid pretext for a healthy bout of the neighborly envy, imagine the peer pressure some Norwegians are subject to. You get up one day - and lo and behold - the Joneses have greener roof than you!

Turf roof (in Norwegian torvtak) is a traditional element of the Scandinavian home building. When you drive through Norway, you'll get to see it a lot, especially in rural areas. Originally, the turf was meant as a weight to hold waterproof birch bark down, but being an excellent thermal insulator, it survived on many buildings to this day even though the birch bark had been replaced by more modern materials.

The only thing that puzzles me about this architectural peculiarity is how do you mow the roof? Do you build a little mowing funicular or do you hone your old scythe and straddle the roof yourself?



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