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Banbury Cross

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Post details: Clouds of Glass

Clouds of Glass


any time clouds percolated above the horizon
large crowds gathered on a high plateau
all decked up with trumpets and motley hats
and bringing wines and crackers to the party

when the clouds rolled high above their heads
some pointed short and shiny harpoons in the air
some turned up their palms as if moisture was imminent
some cupped their hands around ears and started listening

sounds became hushed and muffled
as the clouds were getting closer
and closer
and closer
and closer
and when they were almost too close to each other
a faint clinking sound nicked the silence
and all the clouds just shattered

down comes the queen of morrow
and fills my glass with brandy
the time is yours to borrow

and streams of dust are swirling
and bells of rain are ringing
and apple trees are growing

paw pads of restless tigers
may touch those few still waiting
night tucks in smiles and whispers

and dreams


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