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Post details: Liberated Balloon

Liberated Balloon

My friend Louka had some friends visiting from California, so we went to the Tysons Galleria for a dinner. After a sampler of Lebanese cuisine we felt a bit of excitement was in order, so we went into the Mall and soon found a little purple balloon that was so delicately balanced that it floated gracefully when released and only reluctantly came back to the ground. That balloon had a short string and it occurred to me that the string itself may be that extra weight which is holding it down. With the help of my keys I removed the string and released the balloon. It hesitated a bit, suspended in the air, but then it started its slow ascent, like the Duchess of York measuring a staircase with her golden heels. It floated all the way up to the Mall's ceiling and never came back.

Sometimes the only difference between falling and flying is the burden of the string.


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