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Post details: Timing is everything

Timing is everything

One thing which is both intriguing and scary about this planet is timing. And I am not talking about the stock market.

Imagine a hallway intersection where you run into a fetching girl with whom you strike up a short but not entirely unpleasant conversation. If you were there 60 seconds too early or 60 seconds too late she would never have crossed your path. The slightest delay precipitated by the tritest of causes would irrevocably alter the course of your happiness. Scary, huh?

Thusly we run through the pinball maze of chance encounters, dealing with the hands we were dealt and never knowing the hands we have just missed. But there would be little point waiting for that girl in the dark hallway to begin with. You can't ambush luck. The moving parts of the Universe arrange themselves into magic configurations only at the behest of the Random Queen.

When I was in Yosemite with a couple of friends recently, we decided to navigate a winding mountain road to the overlook called Glacier Point to catch a sunset illuminating the granite rocks across the park's main valley. Although the views were impressive, the weather was far from cooperating. Thick clouds were rolling indifferently by and seemed in no mood to let a single ray through, despite a number of nature enthusiasts who gathered on a rocky plateau in anticipation of a potential spectacle.

But then, as the Sun was just about to slip behind the westerly mountain range and many photographers were already packing their gear or even walking back to the parking lot, there appeared a prosperous break in the clouds and potent beams shone through. The scenery changed dramatically. The opposite ridge caught fire. The celestial cavalcade had arrived in ravishing plumage. Photographers hastily reassembled their tripods and started shooting like there was no tomorrow, knowing they have about a minute to record all the pixels of the unfolding pageant.

You had a choice of pointing the camera westward and catching the somber tones of cold rocks contrasting with the clouds that were bursting ablaze with scales of yellow, orange and crimson. Or you could point your camera eastward, where the cloud colorations were less showy, but as a bonus you'd snap the last rays of the reddish Sun nuzzling against the very top elevations of the opposite mountains.

Courtesy of some finely timed atmospheric engineering.



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