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Post details: New York Time Exchange

New York Time Exchange

Today I chatted with one of my friends over the Internet and she started the session with a little commiseration plea: "are you also bored?".

That really puzzled me. The last time I was bored was when I was about 11 and had to sit straight through excruciatingly long 90 minutes of my relatives squabbling over the quality of cardigan vests or some such adult matter. Ever since then I managed to avoid the stifling embrace of the shapeless gray jelly monster known to its vassals as boredom.

I am not even sure how you can be technically bored on this amazingly perplexing planet. On Mars or Venus, maybe. If my domicile ended with "Earth Colony, Mars 22102", I would consider succumbing to boredom as a reasonable alternative to hitting red rocks with brown rocks, twiddling the hoses of my spacesuit or to studying the effects of lesser gravity on the bodybuilding regimen. But Earth is the boredom antithesis - just imagine all the books to read, all the beehives to extract honey from, all the exotic flowers to plant, all the wines to sample, all the sports to play, all the puzzles to solve, all the mountain trails to hike, all the languages to learn, all the asses to kick, all the postage stamps to collect...

And yet - many people are genuinely bored. So I have a little business proposition. Why don't the people who are bored sell their extra time to those who would actually have use for it. I wish I could study the history of the Spanish Civil War, build ships in a bottle or learn how to fix cars, but there is just no way to squeeze that into the 24 hour cycle I have been allotted. If I could get a few extra hours here and there that would not count towards my daily quota, I'd be quite willing to pay at least $100 for them, and I am sure many other people would be too.

And if the idea caught on, maybe we could establish a New York Time Exchange where the terminally bored people would sell their extra time to the highest bidder. I am sure they wouldn't mind an extra source of income.

Wouldn't life be so much more efficient if we could just violate the laws of physics a bit?



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