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Post details: The Eye of a Tiger

The Eye of a Tiger

Internet has changed the world at least as profoundly as the industrial revolution did more than a century ago. Exchanging ideas, images, files and videostreams with anyone anywhere in real time has tremendous consequences for our lives, both personal and professional.

Applications evolve at breakneck speed and the gadgetry which the World Wide Web entangles in its optical network evolves with it. Long gone are the days when a video camera was a gargantuan contraption that needed a tripod to support its own weight. The cams are so minuscule now that you can mount them on a helmet of a downhill skier, or a dashboard of a police car, and be part of the action as it happens.

I am not sure where the technology will be in 5 years, but it should be far enough to support an idea I wanted to see implemented for quite some time now - a live TigerCam. And I am talking the wild beast, not some slacker napping 24/7 on the floor of the big cat pavilion in the San Diego Zoo.

It should not be terribly hard. I think the technology is already there, and as long as we can trust the stats from the Indian government, the tigers are there as well. Just a dart of a tranquilizer, a little veterinarian operation mounting a tiny camera in some inconspicuous place, say on the lobe of the tiger's ear like an earring, or between its eyes like a "third eye" jewel, then an equally inconspicuous energy source and off to the jungle it goes again, broadcasting its every move. Literally.

And we'll just pour ourselves a glass of mango juice, turn on our PCs or Macs and peer into the world through the tiger's eyes.

We'll see it wake up in its lair, sneak its slender body through the underbrush of mangrove forests, and race across the grasslands in pursuit of its prey. We will sense when it tactically crouches, or when it boldly leaps across a shallow creek. We will be guessing which direction it'll turn its head as it reacts to the noises picked up by a microphone. We will be one with the tiger.

I bet you 2 Bengal Rupees, that the TigerCam would go viral just minutes after it was launched. So come on engineers and zoologists of the Ganghes basin - watching the Times Square webcam is getting old by the minute.



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