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Post details: Tiger's Clause

Tiger's Clause

Out there in the vast reaches of the dating battlefield, there is a legion of self-righteous crusaders who'd make you believe that considering looks is a mortal sin and a symptom of pathological shallowness. But they miss an important point.

Looks do matter. And not only because our faces reflect our souls, so you can catch a glimpse of one's character and personality through their facial expressions. They matter for a more fundamental reason.

However chosen our species is in the greater scheme of things, we are still an integral part of Nature. And in our mates we look for the best possible combination of genes, so that the ever growing tree of evolution remains strong and doesn't self-destruct in a dead branch of poorly adapted affable morons. Do tigers look for a personable mate? Nope. They look for the sharpest colors and the thickest furs because those are indicative of a potential for the fittest offspring.

And tigers most definitely are not shallow.


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