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Post details: The Times They Are A-Changin'

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Today at 2am, our homes were quietly invaded by millions of invisible thieves; by imaginary burglars who sneaked long plastic tubes into the gas tanks of our watches, clocks, cell phones and other time-displaying devices and siphoned off 60 minutes from our well deserved weekends.

I think the daylight saving time is overrated. Probably outdated. Possibly inhuman. Hey, this is the 21st Century! If farmers in Kansas need to spend more quality time with their yellowing corn, they can easily get up an hour earlier. And if outdoor fiends crave more daylight for their escapades, they can follow the suit. But why torment us, the unsuspecting public, with the bi-annual spells of inclement time, during which we turn into listless zombies and spend the day in the state of suspended consternation. Not to mention that all the appointments and dates that are missed exactly by an hour. And that's just us, humankind.

How about badgers, burrowing in the vicinity of the highway system, who are brutally awoken from their sleep an hour earlier by the precocious morning rush hour? People are at least prepared for this shock by media or neighbors or both. But badgers are completely taken by surprise. Nobody ever tells them. As you probably know - colloquial badgerese may be well suited for everyday repartees like "grrrrghh, get off my territory" or "wrhaouuugh, I am really really hungry", but their growls and gnarls don't really carry the meaning of "my dear fellow badgers, please, be aware that the silly two-legged creatures are on that daylight saving thingy again".

So enough with this foolishness.

And while on the subject of time tampering, something else irks me too: the institution of time zones. It seems that whenever I cross some 15 degrees of longitude I have to engage in a wrestling match with my wristwatch. And anytime I see a time stamp on an e-mail, I have to perform some completely unnecessary arithmetics to figure out when it was actually sent. And I am not even going to go into how it feels when you jog around the North Pole in small circles. Then all these fancy time zones get outright confusing.

And what for? Just so we can all have our 9-5 jobs no matter where we live? Well, so some of us would have 3am-11am jobs and some of us would have 1pm-9pm jobs. Big deal. Locally, you would get used to it quicker than you could say "tick-tock".

Can't we just all agree on the Greenwich Mean Time and enjoy the pleasures of the whole humanity being on the same page? Say there is a World Cup Soccer final in Berlin at 6pm. I want to be sure that if I turn my TV on at 6pm, I will see some serious kicking. And if 6pm happens to be in the wee hours of my morning, so be it. I can live with that.

Time is smooth and elegant. So why put unnecessary crimps in its fabric?


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