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Post details: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

The third time is the charm, they say. Indeed, on their third bid at the World Series in three years, the Cardinals got it right. Against all odds. Good things always happen when you least expect it. There must be some sort of physical law which says that the less you expect something, the more likely it is to happen. And vice versa. We all saw it firsthand two years ago.

On October 16, 2004 Red Sox were routed by Yankees 8:19, they were down 0:3 and when the next game came, they were trailing the Yanks yet again at bottom of ninth. It was exactly at this moment, when no person in his right mind would bet a penny on Boston, that their ultimate victory was born.

That is why they also say it is the darkest before the dawn. So this year, when the Cards nearly squandered their hefty lead in the regular season and entered the playoffs with a measly 83-78 record, all experts - and sadly some fans too - were expecting an early exit at the bats of the Padres, and if not Padres then certainly the Mets. But I was fairly certain that this rocky September had been a blessing in disguise and that it had indeed marked that darkest moment that comes before the dawn.

It was as if the stars have magically aligned to produce the least likely outcome of these playoffs. It was New Busch's inaugural season. Through completely random channels, I met two more Cardinals' fans this year - which in the greater DC area is not as trivial as you might think. On the team itself, several players came of the disabled list, closer Jason Isringhausen was injured relinquishing his seat to Adam Wainwright, bullpen got a considerable face lift with lots of young blood pumped into its veins and many key players finally started showing some teeth. This October was clearly the biggest coincidentist I have ever seen.

At the end, it all came together in one perfect storm and this blog, which started documenting the adventures of the Czech national soccer team in the World Cup, ended up celebrating the Cardinals' triumph in the World Series, which, by the way, happened on 10/27 - the jersey numbers of manager Tony LaRussa (10) and his best World Series hitter, Scott Rolen (27).

When LaRussa came to St Louis in 1996, he actually demanded this specific uniform number to show his determination to win the 10th World Series title for the Cards. Well, 10 years later he did. Congratulations!



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