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Post details: A Bulgarian Castle

A Bulgarian Castle

This planet has myriads of strange laws that make understanding of the meaning of life more difficult than bribing an army of hostile silicon-based aliens with scratch lottery tickets. One of those pesky laws is that you often find things in places where, according to the Principles of Physics, they shouldn't really be.

Take Bulgarian Castles, for instance. Under normal atmospheric conditions, they should be crowning some quiet Balkan mountains, crumbling slowly in the salty wind, and proudly remembering the trepidation they sowed among the Turkish warriors of yore. I visited Bulgaria twice, but I hadn't found any - although, admittedly, in both cases I had made a beeline for the seashore, so I probably wouldn't have noticed them even if they had been operated by the Consortium of Las Vegas Triple Twinkle Super Duper Realtors.

This weekend, however, I unexpectedly bumped into one in Southern California. A friend of mine invited me to stay with his family, and the moment we crossed a retractable drawgate and started climbing a steep inclined driveway I knew we were headed for a Bulgarian Castle, which notion was summarily fortified with a swimmable moat, arched pillars and enormously high ceiling in the main hall.

The spacious interior obviously had amazing acoustics, which made me eventually lose all the remaining confidence in my singing abilities, because - as it turned out - Bulgarian Castles come equipped not only with a king, a queen and a princess, but also with karaoke. On the other hand I regained my belief that grandeur and simplicity do not have to be mutually exclusive.

It was impressive without trying to impress, it had a style without lapsing into pompousness and it was perfectly functional without being technologically overwhelming. It was a house that seemed to have been built in long forgotten times when people had time enough to think things through.



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