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Post details: Spring Ahoy

Spring Ahoy

Yesterday gravity borrowed one of my glasses and when I got it back, one and half eye blinks later, it was all shattered to small uneven pieces. With each unwholesome shard I picked up from the floor, it became clearer and clearer that not even a formally binding UN resolution would make these stick together again. When things break, some irreplaceable quality is lost forever.

Unlike ordinary matter, the living tissues have the ability to overcome breaking through the magic of healing. They have a way of turning big wounds into smaller wounds and eventually into tiny little scars, mere lipstick imprints on the skin of our memory.

Every year, when the Rite of Spring drizzles into town, time seems to put a new coat of paint over all old grudges, whether they were caused by unreturned books or unrequited loves. Broken branches of yesteryear sprout new off-springs and stern looking schoolmarms of tree trunks open their pinkish parasols as they attempt to smile. But don't strain your eyes too much. Nature likes to change at night when all you can hear is an occasional cricket and maybe a drawn out yawn of the French horn ushering the Finale of Stravinski's Firebird Suite. Much like the arrival of Spring, healing is an invisible carnival.

Life can be a vast ocean and our wounds are just tiny little footprints in the wet sand of its shoreline. Every Spring a new wave washes ashore and one by one licks them into perfect oblivion.


Comment from: Dolores [Visitor]
I couldn't agree more. Life is ever changing,,,we either make our own way or get trampled.... keep up the good work....
Permalink 04/13/08 @ 03:11

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