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Post details: The Cycle of Youth

The Cycle of Youth

The most amazing thing about Spring is that every year it is just as amazing as the year before.

Let's face it, we humans get easily bored. The half-life of our interest could mount successful challenge to Fermium 257. Our mind is on the constant lookout for new thrills, hungrily scanning the never ending parade of shiny iPods, fancy lingerie, favorite TV shows, and last but not least, significant others. They all tickle our expectations, pamper us in their heyday, and then slowly fade into discreet oblivion. Even a movie with the most dazzling special effects imaginable will grow old on us if we watch it one time too many. But Spring somehow avoids this curse and its annual stage entrance never fails to go viral. Every March, it takes our senses hostage as it blooms into town, flooding our ears with chirping and tweeting, bribing our noses with fresh scents and bruising our retina with green lesions.

The reason for this seemingly perpetual motion is very simple: once the Spring is done with its alchemy, it takes a little Spring break and for the remaining 9 months you don't hear much about it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and as Nature's vivacious mood decelerates into the doldrums of Summer and pastel reflections of Autumn, images of Spring start wistfully peeking into the windows of our soul. But the long Winter burns them all to ashes, completely erasing the whiteboard of our memory. But by doing just that it unwittingly hatches a new Phoenix in its blank embrace. In the very nadir of our spirits, Spring detonates with renewed exuberance and fills us with a sense of wonder which perfectly matches the one we experienced the first time around.

Married people often complain about the boredom that has crept into their love lives. Looking at the divorce rate, a natural question emerges: Can the flame of romance be kept burning indefinitely? It occurred to me the other day that the mystical rite of Spring could be an answer to this question. It could provide everlasting fuel for the notoriously transient human emotions.

Suppose that every time you dated someone, you'd be legally separated and sequestered after 3 months of living together. No exceptions. Now, imagine the sheer joy of reunion after 9 long months. It would be like the first time all over again. Each year, you'd experience one full quarter of romantic fireworks that would make Romeo and Juliet blush with envy.

Lovely idea, isn't it? The catch is - of course - who'd be raising the kids for the remaining 9 months.


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