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Post details: Ski is the limit

Ski is the limit

One of the first things that occurred to me when I stood in the middle of a desert circa 40 miles southeast of Dubai was "this would be a great place for cross country skiing".

Those gently rolling dunes have exactly the right gradients for the ultimate skiing experience. Not too steep and plenty to choose from. If you could get a couple of inches of snow on top of those sandy slopes, Norwegians would be shoving each other at the Gardenmoen Airport to get in on the action.

If you think that the idea of a skiing resort on the Arabian Peninsula is completely peninsulated from common sense, think again. And while at it, take a cab to the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and order some soda to go with your thinking. As you sit down at the food court to tank up, look through the large glass window on the side - you will see a desert mirage unlike any you've seen before. Hundreds of people wearing thick winter clothes trudging along a snowy hill and then skiing down an artificial slope located smack in the middle of the Mall. You may just think that Fata Morgana went completely bonkers.

The Dubai Ski Park extends on 22,500 square meters and even though it is extremely well insulated, it consumes nearly 3,000 gallons of oil daily to keep its temperature at -1 C during the day and -6 C during the night when they make the snow. So while the Sun is busy turning the outside of the Mall into an unforgiving inferno with temperatures easily exceeding 35 C, you can spend 180 AED (40 USD) and enjoy two hours of unadulterated slalom fun (skis and winter clothing included).

How do you say extravagant in Arabic?



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