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Post details: Ruthlessly Inconvenient

Ruthlessly Inconvenient

One of the most difficult things in life is to tell who is crying wolf and who comes with a well meant warning. In the recently released movie "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore tries to drum up support for the battle against global warming. I think his message is genuine and it comes in the nick of time.

I had a German friend who once asked her grandparents how could they let the holocaust happen. She got only an evasive answer: "we didn't fully realize what was happening". Yes, perspective always shows up late. But when our grandchildren ask us 50 years from now how come we let the thermal holocaust happen, we better have a good answer.

Al Gore is civil and convincing. He doesn't yell. He chooses his arguments carefully. And seeing him elevated to 20 feet above the floor so he can show where on the 650,000 years graph of CO2 levels we currently are is worth more than thousand words.

Life is about a pursuit of happiness. Maybe we should realize that happiness can be as simple as sipping hot chocolate with a friend or watching a cascading creek from an overhanging boulder. We don't really need to wrap our lives in tons of shiny plastic.



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