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Post details: Rocking the cradle

Rocking the cradle

The highest mountain in Vermont is rocky and bouldery. You don't really need any mountaineering gear to make it to the top, but you do have to watch the rough-hewn trail and pay attention to your balance. Yeah, the one in the checkbook of the gravitational force.

On our last day in Vermont, we took a ride to Mount Mansfield and after a short hike conquered its peak. My friend Jindrich even took his 18 months old baby girl Anna-Lucia, so she could experience the pleasures of drooling in thin mountain air. She rested comfortably on his back in a sophisticated harness and, judging by her contented humming, she was quite captivated by the scenery.

Since Jindrich got tired during the descent, I was entrusted with carrying the baby for most of the way down. Hopping from a rock to a rock on my own was quite enjoyable, because my legs knew what the rest of the body was doing. But having a whimsical baby on my back gave it an unexpected twist.

Every now and then Anna-Lucia decided to lean one way or another in the middle of a climbing maneuver and that, of course, changed the center of gravity of the two-body physical system Backpacker - Backpackee in a completely arbitrarily way. Or at least they seemed arbitrary. Although at times I had the impression that Anna-Lucia was deliberately trying to push our shared center of gravity into locations that were well out of the reach of my feet.

It felt like driving Indy 500 with the proviso that every so often the steering wheel makes a small random turn. Quite fun. I think that mountaineering with a live cargo would make a nice addition to the family of extreme sports. With a baby replaced by a pair of dithering penguins.



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