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Post details: Requiem for a Fallen Feather

Requiem for a Fallen Feather

Sadly, our actions do not live in vacuum. They are always seen against the backdrop of other people's actions, of moods, of situations we are in, of circumstances unseen and unforeseen. And that is part of the reason why what we do and what we say sometimes comes out right and sometimes it doesn't. So life sometimes gives us what we want for free, and sometimes it won't give it to us at all, no matter how much we are willing to pay for it.

Yesterday I lost a friend. A person so unique that I never really learned how to talk to her. Whenever someone disappears from my life, a slow moving caravan of recollections passes over the desert of my mind. Memories of misunderstandings that were never clarified, of conversations that never started, of invitations that were turned down, they all plough silently through the indifferent sand. And in the night when the caravan slips into its oasis, all those wasted opportunities solidify into tiny sharp daggers. My cuddly little tentmates.

Libera me, Domine,
de morte aeterna,
in die illa tremenda.



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