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Post details: Prune With Caution

Prune With Caution

People are like trees. They have roots, a trunk and a number of branches.

Branches are what distinguishes us from one another. Their tortuous shapes carry our personality. But they are both a curse and a blessing. They often stand in the way when we try to get closer to someone, but when we succeed and do become closer to someone else, it is the intertwined boughs that hold us together.

Sometimes when living in a society, we have to do some pruning. If we let our tree-top grow wild, nobody will really be able to get to us. The more boughs we cut, the easier it is for others to approach us. But also the more uniform and shapeless we become. And if you prune yourself to a mere extension of your trunk, you will be completely approachable to all, but you will also have lost most of your personality. You will have nothing to hold the attention of those that came so close to you.

The folklore wisdom summarized this phenomenon in one succinct conditional: if everybody is your friend, then nobody is your friend.



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