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Any time I come back from the West - I feel like my soul has just taken a good shower. All the dirt has been washed away and clean sheets await - courtesy of the combined magic of high mountains, picturesque valleys, blue skies, simpler people and relatively pristine nature. The feeling of organic cleanliness is unmistakable. This is the world where land is not framed by industry or agriculture, but rather by its wild horses, by its soaring eagles and the open spaces in between.

And nowhere is the allure of open spaces as palpable as in the seemingly infinite prairies of North Dakota.

They seem comfortingly close and intriguingly distant at the same time. Like a slowly undulating green ocean. In fact, they are an ocean. A vast and living sea of grass that fills you with the same sense of wonder as sitting at the Jersey shore. You just wish you could hop on the nearest schooner and set sail across the green plain, guided only by stars, ancient spirits hovering above the prairie and your sense of adventure.

Most people do not think of North Dakotans as a great sea faring nation. But that's what they really are. When I was driving on Interstate 94, I had to make a quick stop at a rest area not very far from Bismarck. As I was strolling around and stretching my arms, I could not help noticing a rugged strapping trucker with XXL sized beard who was checking some stuff around his semi. And I swear, he looked just like Sinbad the Sailor about to set out on his voyage across the Pacific Prairie.



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