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Banbury Cross

a pillow for lost thoughts...

Post details: Picnic at the Dry Curb

Picnic at the Dry Curb


a drooping caravan crosses the dunes of night

camel hoofs are idly popping the bubble wrap
king's gaze sailing through annotated stars
shave the whiskers of the astral cat
push a vat of lard on rusty scales
this is your billboard in the desert
a dollop of beef on the sandy floor
if only you can find its hidden door

swirl like a confused moth
cupcakes and dinosaur broth

bratwursts and nightingales
lipstick that never pales

rhapsody in b sharp flat
laminated omelette

ding dong and click and cluck
statue of a roasted duck

queen is dawdling with her delicate scissors
clipping the nails of a sleeping polar bear
only innocent lies under the frozen surface
scratch her name into the ice of desperation
breath on it with a balmy breeze
this is your royal dose of anti freeze

two hurricanes tiptoe across the river of piano keys



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